The Five Faces of Genius

Five Faces Overview

Here are the five thinking styles based on creative genius in the arts and sciences. These faces can help you understand the way you think and unlock

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The Seer

The Power to Image

Seers see pictures in their mind's eye. These pictures lead them to new ideas. Visualization is the primary way Seers navigate their imagination. The image guides them to breakthrough ideas. The visualization process also makes the Seer adept at planning and procedural thinking.

The Seer Skill in Creative Genius

The Nobel-prize winning physicist, Richard Feynman, used the power to image to create some of the greatest breakthroughs in physics. He saw mathematical calculations in his mind's eye. From flying function signs to colored variables floating around, he manipulated formulas in his imagination. Like rearranging furniture in his mind, ideas would flow and he would experiment with new configurations. Manipulating images led to his greatest creative insights.

The Seer Skill in Business Genius

King Gillette used his power to image and invented the razor blade system that revolutionized shaving in the 20th century. He visualized a solution to the classic shaving problem – using a single dangerous razor. Gillette described how his imagination worked. "As I stood there my razor in hand, the Gillette razor was born. I saw it all in a moment....I could see the way the blade could be held in a holder, then came the idea of sharpening the two opposite edges on the thin piece of steel." His breakthrough came while paying attention to the images in his mind's eye.

The Seer Skill in Everyday Genius

Ask yourself at the start of the day, “What do I want this day to look like?” Envision the day in your imagination in the most positive light possible. Close your eyes and strive to the wildly successful outcome. Imagine you are accomplishing your goals at work. Imagine new ideas that you can create with your co-workers. Imagine better relationships with those around you. The wisdom of the Seer is part of abstract thinking and ‘clicking up’ a level gives you the ability to create your optimistic vision. To be able to get from here to there, you need to know where ‘there’ is. With the help of the Seer, you’ll develop the skill to figure it out.