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Speaking Engagements

The Five Faces of Genius executives are available for speaking engagements based on the breakthrough work of our Founder, Annette Moser-Wellman.  During her lifetime, Annette inspired people across all walks of life and all kinds of organizations and businesses to tap into their own creative potential.  She provided insights and training that helped each person whose life she touched understand the power of their own creativity.  In her memory, we are delighted to share more of her work and ideas with audiences around the world.

The Five Faces of Genius

How do highly creative people in the arts and sciences get their best ideas? How can we learn from these leaders how to adapt our thinking styles to become more innovative? We explain how we can learn to think in a way that allows us to navigate exponential change and create in the midst of uncertainty.

The Junk Man’s MBA

Based on a memoir of her father, Annette's book provides scrappy advice of a man in the salvage business provides important lessons on working in today’s rapid-fire markets. Sharing some of Annette's personal story, this speech is a window into how to create the future.

Finding Hermes Letter

What does it take to be an innovator? This speech is based on a fable Annette wrote about finding inspiration for new ideas and the risk it takes to invent. A magical journey of imagination reveals to audiences the challenges and rewards of seeking the new.

ABOUT Annette Moser-Wellman

Annette Moser-Wellman, the founder of Firemark, Inc., and the creator of The Five Faces of Genius, was one of the world’s leading experts on innovation. Her company, FireMark Inc., continues to work with leaders of Fortune 500 firms to create market breakthroughs. We've taught thousands of business managers how to use The Five Faces of Genius model for creative thinking and apply it to develop new products and services. Firemark's clients include; The Coca-Cola Company, The Starbucks Coffee Company, Disney, Expedia, Microsoft, McDonald's and many more.  Following Annette's passing, the company is now run by CEO, Jane Melvin, a partner of Annette's for 15 years.  Jane is a strategist, innovator, coach and creativity evangelist who is leading the continuation of Annette's work to touch more people in the world by helping them tap into their own genius and drive business results. 

Based on her research of creative genius in the arts and sciences, Ms. Moser-Wellman’s book The Five Faces of Genius; Creative Thinking Styles to Succeed at Work (Viking/Penguin) demonstrates how business people can learn how to invent from the greats of history. Firemark developed a profiling tool to assist managers in understanding their personal creative style and become inventors.

In addition to speaking engagements for corporate and public audiences, Firemark consults with firms on bringing innovation to organizations. We work with management to optimize creativity and develop new ideas for today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

Firemark specializes in finding the intersection between future trends and new business invention. Our proprietary process, The Legacy Project, coaches senior leadership on how to utilize their personal genius to reinvent the firm and the market.

Firemark has conducted research on innovation and technology for Northwestern University’s Media Management Center. Annette Moser-Wellman was a guest lecturer at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Firemark produces papers, webinars and blogs on the intersection of technology and media.

Firemark’s passion is to help others find their genius and use it to transform the world.