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Our Outstanding Certified Facilitators Can Lead You... or, Learn More About the Credentialing Profess to Certify Your Own Professionals

There are two ways to bring The Five Faces of Genius experience direct to your organization. We can provide you with our own outstanding credentialed, certified trainers who have worked extensively with our model across a wide range of organizations, or we can provide training to your company’s in-house facilitators. Either way you can promote the skills of The Five Faces throughout your entire enterprise.

We pride ourselves on our network of highly capable, experienced and business savvy facilitators. Please know that we have high standards for our facilitators and most who are credentialed have expertise in consultative facilitation. That means listening, learning and teaching all at the same time.

Our facilitators have access to our Genius U resources that allow you to be up to speed on every new innovation in our training, learn new approaches using our model and the ability to learn from others in our facilitator community.

To learn more about our experiential and collaborative credentialing process, please contact us.