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The Five Faces of Genius Creativity Profile

Did you ever get stuck when you need a new idea or when you needed to find a creative way to solve a problem?  Do you ever wonder how genius breakthrough is achieved?  It's actually a lot less complicated than it seems.  The Five Faces of Genius Model identifies five different mental architectures that drive creative breakthrough.  Taking our online profile will help you understand where you score relative to each of these cognitiive approaches.  

The Five Faces of Genius Creativity Profile helps you understand the skills you already use and how you can improve your creative problem solving abilities. The Creativity Profile is a tool for thinking about the way we think. Not a personality profile but a meta-cognition tool, the profile allows you to assess the way you create individually and with teams.  The insights you gain from it will help you access your own creative genius in new and inspiring ways, and it will also help you work more effectively with the rest of your team.

You’ll receive an extensive in-depth analysis of your creative style and suggestions on how you can be an idea leader. Practical steps and tools are specifically designed for your responses on the questionnaire. You’ll have the option to receive 3 weeks of tailored e-mail coaching designed from your profile responses as well.

For Corporate Five Faces of Genius Participants only. There is a version of the profile in the book, The Five Faces of Genius.

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And don’t forget to check the option to receive 3 weeks of tailored e-mail coaching designed from test results.

In addition to the profile results, you will also receive 3 weeks of e-coaching based on your personal profile to help you learn to be more productive at work.