Books by Annette Moser-Wellman

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The Five Faces of Genius, Creative Thinking Styles to Succeed at Work

How do people in the arts and sciences get their best ideas? How can you understand your creative style and use it at work everyday? The Five Faces of Genius are tools every business person needs to know to participate in the future of a creative world. This book has a creativity profile available to fill out and get your results by calculating them in book. Learn to master your imagination.

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The Junk Man’s MBA

How do you handle more change at a faster rate? How can you be successful in the midst of an unpredictable marketplace? The Junk Man’s MBA is a series of lessons from Annette’s father who was a successful entrepreneur in the salvage business. His gritty, real world wisdom will teach you how to think differently about life and work in times of exponential change.

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Finding Hermes’ Letter

An Indian girl from the Punjab plain finds life colorless and desires a purpose worthy of her future. Finding Hermes’ Letter invites you into a search for independence and a creative life through the adventures of a young woman. In the midst of a fantastical journey to another world, Barjinder discovers a surprising message every daughter needs.