The Five Faces of Genius Model outlines five unique mental architectures which we developed based on creative genius breakthrough in the arts and sciences. Learning the skills and perspectives of these "faces" helps you understand the way you think and unlock the potential of your imagination.

  • The Seer

    The Seer

    The Power to Image

    Seers see pictures in their mind's eye. These pictures lead them to new ideas. Visualization is the primary way Seers navigate their imagination. The image guides them to breakthrough ideas. The visualization process also makes Seers adept at planning and procedural thinking.

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  • The Observer

    The Observer

    The Power to notice Detail

    The key to the skill of the Observer is curiosity. Observers collect details in a mental "basket" and from the collection of the small things create breakthrough ideas. Observers notice the differences and disconnections. Paying attention to things others might miss leads to the ideas of the Observer.

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  • The Alchemist

    The Alchemist


    Alchemists generate ideas by connecting different areas that interest them. In the connection, a breakthrough idea is born. Always searching to see what they can bring together, Alchemists use similarities – analogies – as the fire of their imagination.

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  • The Fool

    The Fool

    The Power to Celebrate Weakness

    The Fool uses three related skills to find new ideas – inversion, absurdity and perseverance. By turning things upside down, pushing notions to the extreme and continuing to try in the face of adversity, Fools navigate their imagination to conjure up great ideas. They honor the ‘random’ influence knowing that uncertainty is the field for invention.

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  • The Sage

    The Sage

    The Power to Simplify

    Sages navigate their imagination using the skill of simplification. When they encounter ideas, they ask themselves "What is the heart of the issue?" By coalescing the complex, or reducing things to their essential nature, Sages find breakthrough ideas. The Sage is also able to translate that insight into a story that can instruct and inspire.

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